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Delve into a realm where the charm of rustic design meets modern aesthetics. At Farmhouse1807, we are your devoted guides, bringing together timeless beauty and contemporary chic into the realm of farmhouse décor.

Our Mission:

Farmhouse1807 is more than just a décor website; it’s a tribute to the art of blending simplicity with sophistication. We aim to provide you with unique design insights, trendsetting styles, and DIY projects that inspire transformation, all while celebrating the rich heritage of farmhouse design.

Meet The Team:

Rick, Writer
  • Rick, Writer: A wordsmith with a penchant for interior design, Rick crafts stories that captivate and inform. His pieces are more than just write-ups; they’re visual tales that make you see the beauty in every corner.
River, Editor-in-Chief
River, Editor-in-Chief
  • River, Editor-in-Chief: Steering the editorial ship gracefully and precisely, River ensures that every article you read is a masterpiece. With a discerning eye and an unwavering commitment to quality, she shapes our content, ensuring it’s engaging and enlightening.
Virginia, Author
  • Virginia, Author: Virginia’s deep-rooted love for farmhouse aesthetics is reflected in her articles. As an author, she dives deep into the history and trends of farmhouse designs, creating pieces that resonate with both novices and aficionados.
Waylon, Specialist Author
  • Waylon, Specialist Author: Our go-to expert for specialized insights, Waylon, adds depth to our content. His pieces touch upon the intricacies of farmhouse designs, highlighting elements often overlooked but crucial to the aesthetic.

Join Us On A Journey

We invite you to journey through time and trends with us. Let us inspire your next home transformation from classic barn doors to modern farmhouse kitchens.

Feel free to contact us for collaboration queries or to say hello.

We hope you enjoy and find inspiration in every article, photo, and story we share. Welcome to the Farmhouse1807 family!